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Gibraltar Perimeter Security

December 08, 2023 8:50 AM | Melissa (Administrator)

Gibraltar Perimeter Security was founded on a straightforward principle - providing high-quality, cost-effective, easy-to-install products. Established in 2005, we are a manufacturer and supplier specializing in vehicle barriers, offering crash-rated anti-vehicle barriers and high-security anti-personnel fence solutions. Our products are deployed worldwide, safeguarding high-value assets, facilities, personnel, and pedestrians.

Our Products:

Active Vehicle Barriers (AVB):

  • Designed for critical vehicle access control points.

  • Utilize movable parts to impede unauthorized access.

  • Crash-certified or engineer rated.

  • Includes vertical lift barriers, wedge barriers, slide gates, drop arms, and swing gates.

  • Listed on approved AVB lists, including the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense.

Passive Vehicle Barriers (PVB):

  • Designed for ongoing protection of critical facilities.

  • Crash tested to ASTM F-2656 and ASTM F-3016 specifications.

  • Absorb shock and transmit energy from impact to the foundation.

  • Certified to various levels, including S30/P1 at the ASTM F-3016 level and M30/P1 through M50/P1 at the ASTM F-2656 level.

  • Many passive barriers are on the US Department of Defense Approved Barrier List.

Security Fence Systems:

  • Manufactured with high-quality materials meeting Buy American requirements.

  • Patent-pending Integrid™ Fence System: Uses a standard 358 welded wire mesh panel, tamper-proof, climb and cut-resistant once assembled.

  • High-security Gideon™ Fence Systems: Feature a dual horizontal rail design and roll-formed pales, available with various top styles and pale spacings.

  • Ideal for data centers, mission-critical facilities, airports, military bases, industrial sites, distribution centers, stadiums, and arenas.

Gibraltar operates an AISC-certified fabrication facility in Burnet, Texas, ensuring the highest quality standards.

For inquiries and customized barrier solutions that fit your specific application, contact Gibraltar Perimeter Security at 830-798-5444 or email us at

Explore Gibraltar's innovative products at booth 713 during the upcoming Fence Show & Security Expo! Learn more at

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