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Wallace Perimeter Security

December 14, 2023 9:12 AM | Melissa (Administrator)

In the realm of perimeter security, Wallace Perimeter Security (WPS) stands tall as a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions to safeguard your property. From consultation to installation and ongoing service support, WPS takes a comprehensive approach to meet the unique security needs of each client.

Consultation: Understanding Your Needs

The journey with WPS begins with a detailed consultation where a Project Manager collaborates with clients to document project requirements. During this phase, clients are educated about available options, potential challenges are identified, and a roadmap is outlined for the project.

Concept Development: Tailored Solutions

WPS leverages its expertise to propose solutions, often including detailed CAD drawings. This phase ensures that clients have a clear visualization of the proposed security solutions, fostering an informed decision-making process.

Design: Collaborative Excellence

Throughout the design process, WPS stands beside clients, working closely to refine and perfect project drawings and specifications. This collaborative effort ensures a cohesive design approach from conception to execution.

Installation Partners: A Network of Expertise

WPS collaborates with a vast network of installation partners across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This strategic alliance ensures efficient project execution and the timely fulfillment of inventory requirements.

Installation: Precision and Technical Support

WPS's commitment to excellence extends to the installation phase, where inventory capacity is optimized to reduce fulfillment time. Technical support is readily available during installation, complemented by comprehensive operating and maintenance manuals and an industry-leading warranty.

Service Support: Unparalleled Assistance

WPS is committed to providing exceptional service support, offering self-serve troubleshooting through cutting-edge AI technology. Extended business hours for human support and customizable service and maintenance agreements further enhance the customer experience.

Product Portfolio:

WPS takes pride in offering a diverse range of perimeter security solutions, including sliding gates, folding gates, welded wire systems, and custom-designed options. The company holds memberships in prestigious associations such as the American Fence Association, Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International, and the International Door Association.

Get in Touch with Wallace Perimeter Security:

WPS welcomes inquiries and discussions about your security projects. Sales representatives are eager to assist – fill out the contact form on the website or call Toll-Free at 1-866-300-1110.

Visit Booth 924 at the Fence Show:

Discover more about Wallace Perimeter Security by visiting Booth 924 at the upcoming fence show. Explore innovative security solutions and engage with experts prioritizing your safety and peace of mind.

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