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Fence Armor at the Fence Show & Security Expo

January 11, 2024 2:12 PM | Melissa (Administrator)

At Fence Armor, we are dedicated to delivering superior-quality products with exceptional longevity and outstanding customer service. Our journey began with a simple yet effective post-protection guard, which has evolved into a comprehensive post-protection system offering a range of harmonious products.

We understand that specialty products start with quality materials, so we manufacture or source goods that provide a unique one-stop shopping experience. As engineering partners with over 50 years of combined experience, we ensure every detail is considered. Our commitment to the environment involves using locally sourced sustainable materials, such as galvanized steel, in our manufacturing process.

Fence Armor is a family-run business, employing individuals who work together to measure success by our customers' satisfaction. We stand behind our products, one post at a time, every time!

Lawn Equipment Damage:

Most of us trim the grass every weekend without realizing it damages our fence posts. Fence Armor offers the best defense with an engineered, two-piece design crafted from 100% sustainable galvanized steel.

Trust the Strength of Steel:

Year after year, the strength of Fence Armor's steel post protector prevents, protects, and prolongs the life and beauty of metal, vinyl, and wood posts. Our high-quality North American steel, combined with an engineered design, ensures durability, flexibility, and ease of use.


Our patented corner radius increases the structural integrity of our post protector while reducing wear and tear on weed-wacker trimmer lines.

Hard Core Quality:

Every steel Fence Armor Post Protector is dipped in galvanized zinc, providing an added layer of 360° Hard Core Protection.


Earth-friendly steel is infinitely recyclable and reusable, making it the best defense to maintain every environment we share.


Each Fence Armor Post Protector comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring the next level of Protection from weed wacker trimming.

Protection for All the Right Reasons:

Fence Armor has produced sustainable post-protector options since 2008, offering solutions for existing and new fences and structures. Fence Armor has the right products for all, from weed wacker Protection to lower fence maintenance costs and improved curb appeal. By protecting property investments, we contribute to reducing our impact on the environment.

Top-to-Bottom Post Protector System:

Building a new fence, deck, or pergola starts with an in-ground post protector sleeve. Postsaver protects recent wood posts from moisture, fungi, and ground rot. Postsaver post sleeves come with a manufacturer's 20-year guarantee. Dual Protection involves fastening a post protector around the top portion of the Postsaver post sleeve to protect it from weekly weedwhacker damage.

Fence and Post Protection:

Whether it's a new or existing structure, preserving and protecting the new wood look is easier with Fence Armor. From Fence Post Caps and Decorative Finials to Post Protector Guards, Fence Armor covers you from top to bottom.

Visit Booth 1011 at the Fence Show and Security Expo to Explore Our Range of Products!

Contact Information:


Phone: 1-888-289-5617


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