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Stockade at the Fence Show & Security Expo

March 08, 2024 8:53 AM | Melissa (Administrator)

Discover the future of fencing technology with Stockade, a global leader in powered fence and utility post stapler guns. At Booth #625, witness the innovation that has made Stockade the professional fencer's tool of choice for wire fence post applications.

With over two decades of excellence, Stockade has perfected the art of fencing solutions. Their fencing post stapler systems, including the ST315i and ST400i cordless gas-powered tools, deliver unparalleled power, flexibility, and accuracy for consistent results in 9 Gauge (4mm) and 10½ Gauge stapling.

The ST315i and ST400i cordless gas-powered tools have redefined fencing, offering freedom of movement without hoses or compressors. These tools are not just efficient; they represent a safer alternative for tasks above head height, making them ideal for utility crews working in challenging terrains.

Stockade's journey began in 2009 with the release of the ST315, the world's first power stapler designed for the rural livestock fencing sector. Responding to North American demand, Stockade introduced the ST400, the premier nine-gauge pneumatic fence stapler, which was quickly embraced by fencing contractors globally.

In 2015, Stockade launched the cordless gas-powered ST315i, followed by the ST400i in 2016, changing the game for professional contractors and producers in agriculture and horticulture. These tools combine rugged design with cordless gas-powered technology, offering versatility and speed of movement. The Series II ST400i, introduced in 2021, features a slick ergonomic design, a re-engineered belt hook, and a metal filter for improved performance.

Visit Booth #625 to experience Stockade's commitment to efficiency, productivity, and safety in fencing. Learn how their staplers make every fencing project faster, easier, and safer, converting even the most traditional hammer handlers.


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