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V&G Industrial Wire at the Fence Show

March 11, 2024 11:23 AM | Melissa (Administrator)

V&G Industrial Wire: Your Trusted Partner in Fencing Solutions

Welcome to V&G Industrial Wire, a company dedicated to excellence in the fencing industry for several years. As a global player, we have successfully exported our top-notch products to numerous countries worldwide, establishing ourselves as a reliable and trusted name in the fencing market.

Visit us at Booth 910 – Fence Show

2639 Lavery Court 3#, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +1 805 376 1 376, +1 818 428 9 830

  • Email:,

At V&G Industrial Wire, we take pride in providing high-quality fencing solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Our range of products includes chain link fences, hexagonal fences, posts, industrial wires, barbed wires, and all the accessories you need for a comprehensive fencing system.

Applications of Chain Link Fence:Our fences find applications in various settings, making them ideal for enclosing secluded environments like gardens and agricultural properties. The robust and durable nature of our fences makes them suitable for industrial areas such as sports fields, airport security, military bases, and highway projects. Additionally, our nets are employed to ensure the safety of pets, create play areas for children, and even act as effective barriers for keeping spaces clean.

About Us:At VG Fence Company, we are dedicated to producing the best for you. Our product range includes chain link fences, hexagonal fences, posts, industrial wires, barbed wires, and all the accessories you need for a complete fencing solution. We've cultivated and maintained long-term relationships with our clients by understanding and fulfilling their unique needs. Operating as a holding company with a central office in California, U.S., we also have branches throughout Canada, engaging in international business. As part of our future plans, we aim to establish branches in East Asia, further expanding our reach and commitment to providing top-tier fencing solutions.

Choose V&G Industrial Wire for excellence, reliability, and a commitment to meeting your fencing needs. Visit us at Booth 910 during the Fence Show to explore our wide range of products and discuss how we can elevate your fencing projects.

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