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All Aware at the Fence Show & Security Expo in September

June 05, 2024 8:10 AM | Melissa (Administrator)

Visit us at Booth 703

Our Story

At All Aware™, we understand the need to keep tabs on property and assets beyond the visible line of sight. Whether it's a storage unit, an RV, the family boat, delivery boxes, barns, or pasture gates, traditional home security systems often fall short. This realization led to the creation of All Aware—a technology platform designed to provide real-time information about your remote property and assets, enhancing your peace of mind.

Our Mission

We aim to simplify life and boost your peace of mind by offering an easy-to-use solution that allows you to monitor and protect your remote assets effortlessly.

What We Do

All Aware answers practical questions such as, “Is my pasture gate open or closed?” or “When was the last time someone opened my RV?” It also proactively notifies you about events like a left-open garage door, an unexpectedly opened pool gate, or mail delivery. Our self-installed, continuously connected awareness platform is accessible through a mobile app, enabling you to keep an eye on your belongings from anywhere.

Reliability You Can Trust

All Aware is powered by, a leading technology company known for its integrated home security and smart home automation solutions. With over two decades of experience and more than 8 million secured properties, provides a reliable and innovative backbone for All Aware. If you need a fully-equipped monitored security system, we recommend consulting’s professional service providers.

Growing Awareness

We are expanding our product portfolio to enhance awareness across various needs. Our upcoming products include:

  • Boat Aware: For anglers, boaters, and sportsmen, this service logs and notifies you of any suspicious activity related to your boat, keeping you connected while you're away.
  • Camper Aware: RV and camper enthusiasts will benefit from connectivity across 48 million square miles, providing new awareness and peace of mind on their travels.
  • Farm Aware: Future farming will leverage technology for better awareness and asset management, making smart decisions easier with All Aware.

Easy Installation and Customization

Step 1: Install Mount your device at your chosen location and pair it with the All Aware app using the DIY wizard.

Step 2: Customize Set up custom notifications to receive activity alerts, status updates, and reminders about your property.

Step 3: Enjoy Track your valuable assets and enjoy enhanced peace of mind with Flex Aware.

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Join us at Booth 703 to discover how All Aware can help you monitor and protect your remote assets effortlessly.

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